Terms and Conditions

Usage Licensing

Premium Template User Terms:
Lisensi Personal :
  • Only for personal use
  • Can not be resold or given free to others.
  • Free updates of the latest versions, Redesign and Cloning Templates forever.
  • Full Support for 1 month from the date of Joining.

Support Not applicable If

  • Ask to modify the template as it adds features
  • Using Templates from other groups, will not get support.
  • Too Many Requests, Making Admin Dizzy
  • The template is cloned itself.
  • Always whatsapp, Web.netralid.com women's Admin.

Money refund

  • All Members who have joined cannot be returned with any reason. (No Refund)

Infringement Note

  • Sell, open a Website service, if caught (We Remove Become a Member).
  • Create a Blog - Join, like Our Blog, and make our competition(We Remove Become a Member).
  • Create a Blog, share our Templates, hope Recehan from google - adsense, we do not hesitate to kick it from the members

Temas para membros

Admin Welcome to Netralid, if you have anything to ask please via our WhatsApp
Wiendhy Wiana Hi there! Hello, Can I help you?